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Welcome to Songbay

Songbay is a unique market place for trading original Music and Lyrics. We are proud of the quality and diversity of our music/lyric library which is composed, performed and recorded by artists around the world.
All material for sale at Songbay is free from publishing restrictions. Users can purchase music and lyrics of every genre and use them for every conceivable purpose. For example, in a TV commercial, a business presentation, or a film. They can purchase a song as a digital download or use a section for sampling use. Many of our artists even allow buyers to purchase the entire copyright to their songs/lyrics.
At Songbay you will be able to find everything from a band chart hit to a full orchestral composition, from a catchy rap to a highly poetic verse.
Whether you're a TV producer looking for production music, an advertising company requiring some catchy music or a composer in need of good lyrics, Songbay is here to help. Perhaps you want something written exclusively for you or would like to propose a collaboration project with one of our artists? If so, feel free to contact them directly using the 'Contact Artist' functionality.
Welcome to Songbay!

Key Features At a Glance

Songbay allows users to:

  1. Trade original Songs and Lyrics of every style.
  2. Buy and Sell Digital Downloads.
  3. Buy and Sell Licenses (which allow Songs and Lyrics to be used legally in all projects).
  4. Buy and Sell Music Samples.
  5. Buy and Sell Copyrights to Songs and Lyrics.
  6. Contact other users.
  7. Collaborate with other users.
  8. Receive Publicity and Promotion.
  9. Receive Production, Arrangement and Songwriting advice.
  10. Receive completed Legal Contracts when Selling.

Buy Music and Lyrics Online

It's free to search our Music & Lyric library. Whether you are a producer looking for film music, a composer looking to team up with a lyricist or a user wishing to have something custom written, Songbay is here to help.
The process is extremely straightforward, chose your song or lyric, complete the 'check-out' process, and start using it in your production. The whole process takes just a few minutes. We will even provide you with a completed contract, free of charge.

Sell Music and Lyrics Online

Advantages of using Songbay:
    • You showcase your songwriting abilities to a global audience.
    • EXPOSURE! Songbay receives thousands of views each day and is ranked No1 in Google Lyric searches.
    • It's free to join. We give you your own Artist page where you can upload Information, photos and links to your work.
    • You keep All your sale fees and royalties. We take no commission whatsoever!
    • You retain the copyright of your music and lyrics.
    • You set your own sale fees.
    • You receive flexible selling options.
    • We promote your music and lyrics.
    • You can receive work offers from music professionals, agents, producers and record companies.
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