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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By OneWorld
how your mind and hearts hurts
when someone you love is gone
you sometimes never know
how much a person means to you
till they actually pass on
there's a girl that
i been through so
many things with
from all the fights and screams
all the hugs and kisses
she spend the night
. . .
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By Phoenix Low
I want to get rich but I don't want to die trying. I want to live my life and when you think of me I don't want you to start crying. I'm grown now so don't think that I'm trying to be defiant, but life should be fun not about making money and having clients. Am I crazy or is this world a lot more than math and science? Not to sound like a hippy, but why the hell is there all this violence? At the same time this world isn't made for billions of giants, but we keep building and breeding like the earth will be compliant.
. . .
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By Hope
Time is all relative or so I’ve heard said
And the past can be present inside of my head
Love is a timeline that can sometimes run straight
But ours is a circle that we just cannot break.
The past can be painful and hard to revisit
But that was back then and we just had to live it
Our love has evolved and our eyes are wide open
We know love is fragile so we just keep on hoping
. . .
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By Jenithra
There are days when I feel so alone
That in my mind I’d imagine that I’m with someone
Who will always be there for me
There has been times that I felt so discouraged
When everything that I tried to do fell apart
And I just felt like crying
That’s when I reached out to the Father up above
And He gave me the courage to go on
And all my loneliness would vanish
He’d give me strength to carry on
. . .
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By Kathryn Calvert
I could’ve loved you forever
and held you close every night
I could’ve felt your heart beating
‘til the last second of your life
I could’ve been yours for certain
There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do
I could’ve fallen completely
But only if it was for you
And now life is so different
Dreams linger from long ago
. . .
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By Johnny
I walk every street at night and I
Whisper your name
But it just echos back to me as I
Hang my head in shame
It's cold out side and raining and I
Lost my way home
You stole my heart and ran away so I
Stand here wet and all alone
But you're nowhere and everywhere
I even smell you on my skin
My lonely heart forgot to beat
. . .
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By J-Stunna
First time i saw you i knew my life was about to change, and ever since then nothing's been the same
I remember when i saw you the first night, the time i believed in love on first sight
Had a little chit-chatter but it really didn’t matter, did you ever think u'd become my lover
I gotta admit you were looking so fly, even though i noticed you were feeling kinda shy
But eyes don’t lie you wanted me to be your guy
After that i didn’t see you for a while, you know my style kept it low profile
And moved with your pace, waiting for everything to fall in place
I used to long for you warm embrace, even just to run a finger on that beautiful face
Now that i got you ama never let you go, coz this is what I’ve been praying for
So when you're feeling lonely baby just call me, am you lover and your hommie you one and only
. . .
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By Hlife
Lying in my bed, empty - pained head.
Feeling doomed as missing you'r parfume.
With phone in hand, hoping thats not our end.
I don't want to drink no more,
girl all i want is you'r love.
I swear i will throw it all,
i won't drink no more .
Last night i was wreck, drunk, sick in head, i should come home and kiss you on neck.
I know i fucked up, break your heart, drinking in pub .
I don't want to drink no more,
girl all i want is you'r love.
. . .
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By Plasma Baby
Plasma Baby
Verse 1
For so, so long now
We've been looking
through obscured glass
wiping fish and chip grease
from Friday night's table
Verse 2
For how many, many days
. . .
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By Rui Pedro Da Silva
Sloe comfortable screw
Strawberry rita, drinking tequila
She had a smile upon her face
She had them, b52´s in stars and stripes
With kamikazes ready to blues in the night
Well the gin was sinking in
Into a southern comfort of dreams
Galliano had a twist
Of orange juice in its mist
I want a sloe
Comfortable screw up against the wall
. . .
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