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"Choose from orchestral film scores to commercial chart hits. Hear the music and read the lyrics of Songbay artists from around the world. Purchase a license and start using them in your own productions today!"

Songbay is a unique marketplace for the sale of original Music, Lyrics and Poems. We are proud of the quality and diversity of our music/lyric library which is composed, performed and recorded by artists from around the world.

All material for sale at Songbay is entirely original and free from any publishing restrictions. Users can purchase music and lyrics of every genre and use them for every conceivable purpose. For example, in a TV commercial, a business presentation, or a film. Purchase a song as a digital download or use a section for sampling use. Re-record your own version of a song, add a lyric to your own audio. Many of our artists even allow buyers to purchase the entire copyright to their songs/lyrics.

At Songbay you will be able to find everything from a band chart hit to a full orchestral composition, from a catchy rap to a highly poetic verse. Whether you're a TV producer looking for production music, an advertising company requiring some catchy music or a composer in need of good lyrics, Songbay is here to help. Perhaps you want something written exclusively for you or would like to propose a collaboration project with one of our artists? If so, feel free to contact them directly using the email link on each artist's page. Welcome to Songbay!

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Buy and Sell Original Songs of every style from Orchestral film scores to top chart hits


Buy and Sell Lyrics of every style from a catchy pop chant to a powerful poetic verse

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Unique selling/ purchasing options from simple digital downloads to entire copyright purchases

Zero Commission

We take absolutely no percentages from Sales or Royalties


We're a world leader in original Music and Lyric sales and massively promote the work of our sellers and buyers


We bring Buyers and Sellers together. Every day original Songs, Lyrics and Poems are traded at Songbay. Every day users collaborate on songwriting projects at Songbay

Copyright Registration

We give our Sellers a comprehensive Copyright registration service plus Copyright protection on all Songs, Lyrics and Poems. We give our Buyers free legal contracts on all purchases

Dedicated Support

Songbay is run by a team of professional songwriters. We have a thorough grasp of the music industry and help everyone find the perfect original Song or Lyric for their productions

Songbay Artists Keep complete control of their work

All Fees and royalties go to our artists!

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Start using a fantastic Original Song, Lyric or Poem in your productions today!

It's free to search our Music & Lyric library. Whether you are a producer looking for original film music, a composer looking to team up with a lyricist or a user wishing to have something custom written, Songbay is here to help.

The process is extremely straightforward, chose your song or lyric, complete the 'check-out' process, and start using it in your production. The whole process takes just a few minutes. We will even provide you with a completed contract, free of charge!

Alternatively, just contact an artist directly using the email link on each artist's page, you might like to suggest a collaboration project or work proposal?

All Prices are clearly indicated next to each Song or Lyric.

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Find anything from a catchy chart hit to a moving lyric and start using it in your productions today!

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We publish your Songs and Lyrics.
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We promote your music and lyrics.
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We're a world leader in original Lyric and Song Sales.
You keep All your sale fees and royalties. We take NO commission!
You retain the copyright of your music and lyrics.
You set your own sale fees.
You have absolute control of your work and flexible selling options.
You can receive work offers from music professionals, agents, producers and record companies.

  • Songbay is one of the best things that has happened to my career. Because of them my music has received exposure from various avenues on all levels. Thank you Songbay for your hardwork and dedication. Kamali Kasumu
    Kamali Kasumi
    Songwriter, Singer, Producer)
  • Songbay provides artists of all genres and experience levels a place to promote their work on a global scale. Their service and support is top notch. As a developing lyricist, Songbay provided me the opportunity to connect with the music community and license my first song.
    Annemarie Bell
  • Songbay offer an amazing service and run the website fantastically well. They stand alone (in my opinion) as a music marketplace which is actually run by musicians who care. They work tirelessly to promote their artists and I have nothing but praise for them!
  • I have been very satisfied with my customer experience at Songbay. I have had considerable interest in my songs in my 1st year using the website
    Chris Connor
    Lyricst, Composer, Producer
  • Songbay provide a unique service. There is nothing else on the market that allows independent songwriters and lyricists to sell their work in this way. The Songbay team are very supportive or their artists. They regularly promote their users on Twitter and often retweet promotional tweets posted by artists. The Songbay team are also easy to contact and happy to help with any problems or questions via email or Twitter. I was also invited to write an article for Songbay's blog, which led to paid teaching work
    Justine Perry
  • I have purchased several songs at Songbay. Their customer service is first class. I didn't really understand the process of music licensing but the guys at Songbay couldn't have been more helpful. They explained everything in great detail and promptly returned all me emails.Thanks!
    Olga Mayorova
    CMS Adds
  • Songbay is a great, professional website where, as a composer I feel that my music and lyrics will be treated with value and given opportunities to reach an audience of not only fans, but also future business partners. They manage to create a bridge between creativity and business in a way that doesn't take away the original intent behind the creativity.
    Phil Jack
  • I have been a lyric writer for about 2 years now, and I have used Songbay as my first means of exposure. After only one month, I have received great feedback and interest in my lyrics
    Charles Bryson
  • Songbay is a great, professional website where, as a composer I feel that my music and lyrics will be treated with value and given opportunities to reach an audience of not only fans, but also future business partners. They manage to create a bridge between creativity and business in a way that doesn't take away the original intent behind the creativity.
    Phil Jack
  • I congratulate Songbay on its outstanding pursuit to maintain high quality customer service in an ever changing/evolving music industry
    A Martin
    Songwriter/ Artist/ Teacher
  • Thanks for looking after artists in a dignified, efficient and responsible manner. Your services are greatly appreciated. Songbay has always paid attention to client needs. They continue to respect and contribute to artistic growth, in a commendable way
    Blaze Blackheart

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So Sensational


    By Jisael, o Portimoteco
    Eu Vejo teus olhos no brilho do sol
    Sinto o teu toque na chuva que cai
    Ouço tua voz no sopro do vento
    Cheiro na brisa do mar teu perfume.
    Teu coração é d'outro alguém
    Não sabes nem sentes a dor
    Sei que virás nos meus pensamentos
    Me acalmarás nas noites frias.
    Os sonhos me trazem teu belo sorriso
    E o c...
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  • |evacuate|

    By James Lloyd
    Sometimes, thinking about it is a waste of time
    Praying that you're never gonna lose your mind
    Forever and ever watching days go by
    Are you aware that your soul has died?
    Feeling so empty and cold inside
    Surrounded by your demons as the dark turns to light
    You're so far away you've been consumed by the night
    But giving up on t...
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  • Sending Out A Message

    By Blak Mic
    Verse one
    I've got a message for you
    Let me take you to a dream
    And if you believe
    Just let time see
    That the life you live
    Is all in what you give
    What you make it
    Just don't doubt it
    This is my message to you
    Make it happen
    Let your wildest dreams come true
    Hey you
    This is my message ...
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  • Trigger

    By Garen Fountain
    Perfect shot
    In the dark
    Right to the heart
    I can survive
    Time to be smart
    But it’s like my mind
    Blew a fuse
    I’ve lost my spark

    Speak your mind
    I trigger the all shit
    You’re repressing
    Shooting blanks all over the place
    Just disgusting

    The light in your eyes changed over time
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  • Chasing Your Ghost (revised)

    By Doug Haberman
    Chasing Your Ghost (revised version)
    Lyrics by Doug Haberman

    Verse 1
    You asked me to call you Bogie
    Said you’d worked on a movie or two
    You didn’t quite look like a leading man
    But I really fell for you
    When you talked your lips barely moved
    A cigarette dangled there
    Your smile curled like a scowl
    You walked as if g...
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